Conditional Emails Add-On


The Conditional Emails Add-On is a premium one, you can buy it on our landing page. Thank you!

The Easy Forms Conditional Emails Add-On gives you an easy way to send emails to different recipients depending on the form submitted. Do you use the Easy Forms as a contact form for different departments? This add-on is an optimal solution for these cases.

With this add-on you will be able to set the form to be emailed to specific email/emails depending on the submitted data.

Send Email Based on User's Answer

Trigger emails with different content based on the answer given.

Send Emails to the Correct Departments

Set up email notifications that only trigger when one condition has been met.

Conditional Email Auto-Responder

Email to your end-user only when a condition has been met.

Custom Messages

Populate and send custom messages with form field data.

Submission & Attachments

Send a submission copy and files uploaded by your form.

Email Templates

Reuse email templates (message body) with different forms.

Install Conditional Emails Add-On

The Conditional Emails Add-On installing process is very simple, same to any other Add-On. To install the Conditional Emails Add-On follow the documentation to install an Add-On from the Add-On Manager.

Create an Email Template

The First thing we need to do is creating a Conditional Emails' Template, then we can use this template as the email body.

Now, to create a Conditional Emails' Template follow the next steps:

  1. Click the Set Up an Email Template button
  2. Enter the Template Name.
  3. Enter the Email Body. This html code will be processed to generate the Conditional Emails body.
  4. Enter the Body Text: It must be the email body in plain text.
  5. Click Save to store your Email Template.

Send Conditional Emails

Now, to send conditional emails, we need to follow the next steps:

  1. Click the Set Up a Form button
  2. Enter a Name. The name of this configuration for administrative purpose.
  3. Select the Form.
  4. Select the Event. In what moment the email will be sent: When form is submitted or when the user email is being verified by double opt-in.
  5. Conditions: Select one or more conditions that the user answer must pass to send the email.
  6. Subject: The email subject.
  7. Body (Template): Select the Email Template created in the previous step.
  8. Send To: Email address where your message would end up after you send it and it is delivered.
  9. CC: Carbon copy.
  10. BCC: Blind Carbon copy.
  11. Reply To: Email address that the reply message will be sent.
  12. Send To Field: Email Field. Useful if you want to send a conditional email as confirmation message (auto-responder).
  13. Sender Name: The “from” name or line, helps to identify you to your recipients.
  14. Status: Can be:
    • On: Enable this configuration
    • Off: Disable this configuration
  15. Includes a Submission Copy: Enable it if you want to include a submission table.
  16. Attach Form Files: Enable it if you want to attach files uploaded by your users.
  17. Click Save.