System Requirements

Don't worry! So far our app has been successfully installed in all the hosting companies hired by our users. So likely your hosting must also meet the requirements.

Client Side Requirements

  • Web Browser Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MS Edge

Server Side Requirements

If your server meets the following requirements, Easy Forms will run on it.

  • Server Linux/Unix (Recommended), Windows or Mac OS X
  • Web Server Apache (Recommended), Microsoft IIS or any similar web server
  • PHP Version PHP v5.4 or above
  • Database MySQL v5 or higher suggested
  • Cron Job (Optional. Used to update stats and send async notifications)

Note: If you are not sure about your server settings, get in touch with our support team and we will be more than happy to help you.

Used PHP Extensions

Easy Forms requires the following PHP extensions:

  • Ctype
  • cURL
  • DOM
  • FileInfo - Used for mime-type validation.
  • GD or ImageMagick.
  • iconv
  • ICU version > 49
  • Intl – i18n support.
  • JSON
  • MBString
  • OpenSSL
  • PCRE
  • PDO
  • PDO MySQL Driver
  • Reflection
  • SPL
  • Zip - Used to export forms within ZIP files.