PDF Add-On


The PDF Add-On is a premium one, you can buy it on our landing page. Thank you!

The Easy Forms PDF Add-On gives you an easy way to integrate all of your online forms with the PDF generation tool. Automatically generate, email and download PDF documents.

With this add-on you will be able to personalise the look and feel of your PDF documents by adding your company logo, header, footer, paper size / orientation, font, colour and size. Automatically email the PDF to both the admin and the user as soon as the form is completed.

Highly Customisable PDFs

With a Powerful Wysiwyg Editor you can customize the look and feel of your files.

Send as Email Attachment

Automatically email the PDF to both the admin and the user as soon as the form is completed.

PDF Password Protection

Limit access to a PDF by setting passwords. Two types of passwords are available: For the Admin and for Anonymous Users

Conditional Logic

Only attach PDF documents when a certain condition is met.

Privacy, Security, and GDPR

Generates PDFs on your web server, so no third-party service receives your data.

No Monthly Fees or Rate Limits

There’s no third-party APIs needed when generating your PDFs. Your Software. Your Way.

Install PDF Add-On

The PDF Add-On installing process is very simple, same to any other Add-On. To install the PDF Add-On follow the documentation to install an Add-On from the Add-On Manager.

Create a PDF Template

The First thing we need to do is creating a PDF Template, the we can set up a Form to attach the generated PDF documents based on this template.

Now, to create a PDF Template follow the next steps:

  1. Click the Set Up a PDF Template button
  2. Enter the Template Name.
  3. Enter the PDF Filename. The name used when saving a PDF. You can use Field Variables.
  4. Enter the HTML Code. This code will be processed to generate the PDF body.
  5. Image DPI: By default this is set to 96.
  6. Password: Enter the admin password. The password for anonymous users will be auto generated in the PDF creation process. You can send the password by email using the {{PDF_USER_PASSWORD}} token.
  7. Images and CSS Styles: If you only want to create a Pdf document with text, only. You can disable this option.
  8. Inline Javascript: Execute javascript code before rendering the Html page as PDF. Useful to generate dynamic data.
  9. Orientation: "Portrait" or "Landscape".
  10. Paper Size: Set the default paper size used when generating PDFs. "A4" by default. Also, you can set a custom size ("Height" and "Width"").
  11. Click Preview to open a modal will the PDF document viewer.
  12. Click Save to store your PDF Template.

Attach PDF document to the Email Notifications

Now, to generate the PDF document and attach them to the email notifications, we need to follow the next steps:

  1. Click the Set Up a Form button
  2. Select the Form.
  3. Enter a Name. The name of this configuration for administrative purpose.
  4. PDF Templates: Select one or more PDF Templates to attach one or more PDF documents to your emails.
  5. Notifications: Select the Notification Type: "User Notification" or "Admin Notification" or Select both.
  6. Status: Can be:
    • On: Enable the attachment
    • Off: Disable the attachment
  7. Opt-In Condition: Only attach the PDF documents when a condition is met.
  8. Click Save.