HubSpot Forms Add-On


The HubSpot Forms Add-On is a premium one, you can buy it on our landing page. Thank you!

The Easy Forms' HubSpot Forms Add-On gives you an easy way to integrate all of your online forms with the HubSpot CRM, to achieve High-Converting Lead Capture Forms and more.

Capture more leads and contacts from your website and sends customer data to HubSpot CRM; helping you develop and keep healthy relationships with your newest visitors.

Smooth Automation

Send submitted data from your forms directly into your CRM account.

Build Better Relationships

Build custom user-submitted form and pass any information captured on your website or application to HubSpot, including custom data. Good candidates would be forms that do calculations or have custom elements.

Map HubSpot Fields

Easily map your Easy Forms fields to your HubSpot Forms fields and Gain more information about your customers.

Opt-In Conditional Logic

Control opt-in and only add data when a certain condition is met.

Install HubSpot Forms Add-On

The HubSpot Forms Add-On installing process is very simple, same to any other Add-On. To install the HubSpot Forms Add-On follow the documentation to install an Add-On from the Add-On Manager.

Create a Sign-Up Form

To create a Form through the Form Builder you just need to drag and drop the fields your form needs.

Then, from the HubSpot Forms Add-On interface you can select the fields that will collect the necessary information to send to HubSpot. For example, email, name, etc.

Now, to create a Sign-Up Form follow the next steps:

  1. Click the Set Up a Form button
  2. Name: Enter a configuration name to recognize this configuration in the system.
  3. Choose your Form
  4. Enter your HubSpot Endpoint. Click here to get more information.
  5. Click on Status: ON.
  6. Event: Usually we will want to pass data in real time (When a form is submitted).
  7. Context. To send a set of data containing contextual information for the submission.
  8. Field Mapping: You need to map the form fields (Easy Forms) to the HubSpot Form field name.
  9. Consent: If the form was created with the GDPR notice enabled, the details of those notices must be included in the form submission data. Click here to get more information.
  10. Tracking Code: Enable the HubSpot tracking cookie token value used for HubSpot lead activity tracking. Click here to get more information.
  11. Save the Form.